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Growing  up  the  youngest  of  4 boys I began playing a beat on my brother’s drumset at the age of 6 (thanks in part to the teachings of my Uncle Joe). By the time 8 came around, you could find me taking lessons in both drums and piano. After a few years, drums became the main focus. Since it was the late 70’s, my influences were everything coming out of my older brothers’ stereos: Steve Miller, Bob Seger, The Eagles, Joe Walsh, Supertramp, Van Halen, Terrible Ted, Elton John, Zeppelin, and many others. In elementary school, I was obsessed with the pop songs of the early Beatles-until, that is, I bought the White Album mistaking it for another Beatles greatest hits album. That  moment  was the Starting point for my interest in music production.

        In the 80’s my radio was religiously on and the influences were endless. Yes’ “Owner of a Lonely Heart”, Van Halen’s 1984, The Police, Talking Heads and  AC/DC (to name a few). Like a lot of musicians, many fads came into my life including Heavy Metal, progressive heavy rock, and Alternative, along with the standards of blues and jazz. I have always considered myself like the character in the movie ‘The Lawnmower Man’ - I listened to anything and everything.  High School was the time I started to record the bands I was in - with 4-tracks, using my family’s mattresses to isolate sound. In college, you could find me studying U.S. history but always had a sound reinforcement book at arms length. After graduating from the U of I Champaign/Urbana, I enrolled in a few classes at Columbia in Chicago and began my journey to work as a studio sound recorder.

         For the last  twelve years I have learned from engineers while interning at studios, also learning from producers while session drumming. I learned the ropes of recording on tape and actually cutting tape to make edits. While I have worked analog boards I have witnessed the avalanche of the digital revolution. I helped build studios (thanks Dave at Energy Command Studios) and eventually built a small one for myself. The one thing I can say about the last 12 years is, this job is a continuous learning curve of trial & error… the minute you think you got a hold on it, you discover something new. This is why I enjoy producing sound and enjoy that as much as being a musician. Thanks for the interest - hopefully, we can work together in the future!!


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